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New mobile app puts remote tracking tool right in the hands of caregivers.

San Jose, CALIFORNIA – A Silicon Valley startup is about to bring greater peace of mind to millions of sons and daughters who can’t be near aging parents or loved ones as much as either party would like. With the All Well mobile app (Apple Store, Google Play Store) loaded on a smartphone, caregivers can quickly and easily check on the activity and movement of elderly parents or clients living independently or in assisted living facilities. The All Well app captures activity and movement data 24 hours a day and displays the results on a dashboard that can be accessed with a tap of the app.

We’re simply using the technology of the day to provide an extra layer of comfort to family and caregivers who can’t always be close by to older parents or clients.   And it’s not just about being across town. Many people have parents in other parts of the world whose well being they want to check regularly

All Well gives users another way to peer into the daily activity levels of aging parents with details that go beyond simple movement. All Well collects and reports data about the first and last phone use of the day, number of steps taken in a day, distances traveled, calories burned, and many other important activities. Such details can help users understand what activities appear normal, and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t look normal. 

Users can also watch for trends, good or bad. You might notice that your mom isn’t walking very much lately, so you better find out why.

For professional caregivers, All Well provides a convenient way to monitor multiple clients remotely and get to them sooner if you see abnormal activity, or a lack of it. All Well can also be used for tracking the activities of children or patients in recovery. While All Well serves primarily as a mobile app for smartphones, dashboard reports can also be accessed via laptop or desktop.

The All Well remote tracking app offers an additional layer of comfort for monitored users as well. Many senior citizens find it reassuring to know that somebody important to them is connected and is always checking on their activities. The All Well app can even ask general health questions for users to respond to. If a parent develops a cough or a headache, All Well wants to know about it and report it. All Well generates reports that can be share with doctors or other medical professionals.

All Well does not pretend to compete with medical alert hardware or fall detection technology and their heftier price points.

We’re simply offering users more data about the day-to-day activities of their loved ones—essential information that is easily trackable.  And we also want to make sure our price point doesn’t prevent access to something this important.

Indeed, All Well offers tiered services with plans starting at free; its highest level of service is only $2.99 a month. All Well plans are offered with no contracts, and monthly fees cover both the family member or caregiver and the monitored user.

All Well is now available in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and in India (English speaking countries). The app will be expanded to other countries and globally shortly. Planned future upgrades to the All Well mobile app include alerts capabilities and integration with smartwatches.

We are ecstatic to bring this innovative App to you. Thank you for your support and using AllWell.