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AllWell senior smart watch solution comes in 4G or Bluetooth or small bracelet form. The mobile App is free, can work without even a watch. All Well App remotely monitors senior’s daily wellness and health information (Heart rate, Temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse Ox, Respiratory rate; and also wellness data wake up time, #number of steps, distance moved, Sleep time, around the clock.) All Well App can be used via a simple mobile app or a seniorcare watch or bracelet, to keep their loved ones safe. AllWell is automatic, intelligent, unobtrusive app built to keep seniors safe and bring peace of mind to caregivers.

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Senior Wellness and Health Monitoring App for Caregivers and Family
The All Well App is one of the most effective
Senior Care apps made for seniors & Caregivers on the market today

All Well provides a lot of wellness and health data about your senior parent or loved one’s activities and life-style, including Heart rate, Temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse Ox, Respiratory rate, and also wellness data wake up & sleep time, 24/7 activity and movements, number of steps and distance moved, active calories and emotional state, and other monitoring data. Get an instant report of all wellness and health status report with a touch of the All Well app right on your smartphone or via email or on a web browser. It is easy, simple, and free. You can also get daily reports and updates automatically to your phone.

Senior Watch (4G or Bluetooth; Free with specific premium service plans)

Senior Watch from AllWell is the latest and modern watch product made for seniors. It easy, simple, elegant wearable watch made for seniors). Senior Watch provides both Health & Wellness info 24/7:

Health data

Heart Rate
Blood Pressure
Pulse Ox SpO2
Respiratory Rate

Wellness data

AllWell provides many daily living data such as: Wake up time, Number of steps, Distance moved, Calories burnt, Sleep time, sleep hours, last active time, etc. This information is provided to professional caregivers and family members 24/7/365 anytime anywhere. Information is updated frequently every 15-30 mins or so. Above all the Senior Watch is FREE with specific data service plans

Senior Care Health and Wellness Solution

Remote Senior & Patient Monitoring (with or without Smart Watch or Sensors)

Remote tracking brings peace of mind

All Well provides a lot of health & wellness data about your senior parent or loved ones activities and life-style, including health data (Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse Ox and Respiratory rate ) and Wellness data (wake up & sleep time, 24/7 activity and movements, number of steps and distance moved, active calories) and emotional state and other wellness monitoring.

Mobile, smartphone or web browse convenience

Caregivers and Family members, can get an instant Wellness and Health report of all activity with a touch of the All Well app right on your smartphone or via email or on web browser. It is easy, simple and free. You can also get daily reports and updates automatically to your phone.

Free Plans available

All Well basic plan is Free using mobile app. Other Wellness and Health data plans are available, with Senior Watch and for more wellness & health information and longer-term storage. All Well is the affordable way to check on the wellbeing of loves ones important to you.

Other All Well App Useful features include...

All Well on the App Store
Highly recommended for those who want to get fit and tracked there progress.

Kaleb Nation

Execllent application to track health of loved ones and continue to achieve health goals for family. We r lovin-it !! Keep the good work going in. Eager to see what more this app can offer.

Jasmine Roger

Very useful and convenient app to keep a check on your family members health.

Jessica Prince

It’s very helpful app to track and keep eye on health of your elder ones, specially when you stay away from your parents and your senior.

Megha Gupta

Very Good app for tracking loved one and view daily reports.

Howie Fredrickson

It really helps my son tracking my fitness data.

Steven Malone

Very good app to track our senior member’s activity.

Shela Wattson

Good app to connect with your loved ones and track them.

Abraham Wellings

Really give real time information of loved ones.

Fred Rodrigeuz

Best application to monitor seniors. Very user friendly UI and it shows data in the graphical format also. It is easy to read and analyze.

Susan Harrison

All Well

#1 Senior care and caregiver App on the market. Love the Senior watch and all the data I can get…

Valdez Nathan

Simple. Easy. Powerful.

24/7 Location Monitoring

Easy access to device location from any smart device or computer. Browse on the Google map with details like direction and speed.

Alert Multiple

With the SOS feature, seniors can quickly request help when they need it. Clicking this option sends text-alerts to multiple people, notifying them of the phone’s current location. A round robin call option keeps calling all emergency contacts one after another until connected.

Automatic Fall

This feature uses the phone’s built-in motion sensors to track movement, and automatically sends out alerts in case of a fall, sudden jerk or incapacitation. Adjust sensitivity of the fall tracker to match the user’s lifestyle.


Keep sufferers of dementia from wandering away from home with the Zone Alert. Configure a custom geo-fence (like a home, Neighborhood, or town) and receive an alert when the device leaves or enters that area.


Receive alerts when the phone has been immobile for an extended period of time which can be customized based on individual lifestyle. These inactivity alerts are an essential feature for seniors who live alone.

Low Battery

For many seniors, their phone is the only contact with the outside world. Thus, keeping it charged is essential. Configure when you want to get alerts based on battery availability.

Emergency Health

HIPAA Compliant repository of emergency health information that would be crucial during a contingency. This includes doctors information, drugs in use and conditions too.

High Ambient Noise

Loud noises can create a stressful situation for a senior. This alert tells you if the phone has been in a overly noisy environment for a significant period of time.

Locations Visited

History of the locations visited is important to ensure the senior is getting adequate exercise or making timely doctor visits. It can track unexpected travel as well.

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health monitoring for loved ones

Easy & Senior-friendly

There are no passwords to generate or enter. Users simply enter a phone number and a one-time verification code to access our app.

remote monitoring

See activity in an instant

From distances walked to calories burned, All Well records, and reports a wide range of activities. All Well also asks questions to help monitored users easily report general health updates plus moods or specific conditions such as a cough or dizziness.


For families and their loved ones

All Well provides peace of mind for families and caregivers with loved ones to keep an eye on. For senior citizens in assisted living, living alone, or living away from family, All Well provides an extra layer of comfort knowing that someone they trust is watching out for their wellbeing.

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