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About AllWell

AllWell is a Silicon valley based company in California. All Well team is made of technology, business and healthcare professionals with deep experience in building new innovative products, solving real-world problems and providing good value to users. AllWell started in summer of 2020 and fast growing in its user base and adoption in the market.

All Well provides a lot of wellness and health data about your senior parent or loved one’s activities and lifestyle, including Heart rate, Temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse Ox, Respiratory rate, and also wellness data wake up & sleep time, 24/7 activity, and movements, a number of steps and distance moved, active calories and emotional state, and other monitoring data. Get an instant report of all wellness and health status reports with a touch of the All Well app right on your smartphone or via email or on a web browser. It is easy, simple, and free. You can also get daily reports and updates automatically on your phone.


Highly recommended for those who want to get fit and tracked there progress.

Kaleb Nation

Execllent application to track health of loved ones and continue to achieve health goals for family. We r lovin-it !! Keep the good work going in. Eager to see what more this app can offer.

Jasmine Roger

Very useful and convenient app to keep a check on your family members health.

Jessica Prince

It’s very helpful app to track and keep eye on health of your elder ones, specially when you stay away from your parents and your senior.

Megha Gupta

Very Good app for tracking loved one and view daily reports.

Howie Fredrickson

It really helps my son tracking my fitness data.

Steven Malone

Very good app to track our senior member’s activity.

Shela Wattson

Good app to connect with your loved ones and track them.

Abraham Wellings

Really give real time information of loved ones.

Fred Rodrigeuz

Best application to monitor seniors. Very user friendly UI and it shows data in the graphical format also. It is easy to read and analyze.

Susan Harrison

All Well

#1 Senior care and caregiver App on the market. Love the Senior watch and all the data I can get…

Valdez Nathan

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