Let your Family and Caregivers stay in touch with you.

Your family cares about you and wants to be there for you, but can’t always be by your side. Your loved ones can always know you’re doing well with All Well. This innovative app allows your family to easily access data via their personal devices, leaving you and your family to enjoy the day.

All Well keeps you connected

With the All Well smartphone app, you get an extra layer of comfort knowing that somebody close to you is always watching out for your wellbeing no matter where they might be. All Well provides peace of mind for families and caregivers too. It’s a smart and straightforward way to see that all is well with you.

What All Well shares

With a tap of their smartphone, your son, daughter, or caregiver can see your activity, movement, and other detail that shows how you might be feeling at any time. All Well will soon also ask questions to help you easily report a headache, a cough, dizziness, or other conditions.

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All Well is easy, simple and private

All Well is the senior-friendly app that installs quickly and easily on your smartphone and the smartphone of a family member or caregiver. You’ll simply enter your smartphone number and then a one-time verification code. That’s it. No passwords required. You’re all set with All Well.

Services start at FREE with no contract

With All Well, you and your family member or caregiver select from your choice of service levels and pay just one monthly price for both you and your caregiver. Convenient Family Packs and discounts for annual services are also available. With All Well, there’s never a contract to sign.

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Help your family help you

Get the All Well app today and give your family more visibility into your daily health and wellbeing.

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