Caring for the Independent Senior with All Well

Senior citizens have always been revered members of our families. Whether a parent, a great aunt, or a grandfather, our senior loved ones take preeminence in many of our lives. More and more of us, too, have senior family member for whom we provide care and support. According to some estimates, seniors will account for one quarter of the U.S. population by the year 2020. Statistics around the world are even more stunning. According to the United Nations, those over 60 around the world now number nearly 1 billion. This number is expected to more than double by 2050.

Given the complexities of modern life, however, we cannot always be near the ones we love, and staying on top of mom and dad’s well-being can be difficult. If your senior family member wants to maintain autonomy and either live independently or in a facility with limited support, this can leave you experiencing a good bit of anxiety throughout the day when you don’t live nearby. You might wonder how they are feeling, whether they are getting enough exercise, or even whether they are getting up at a healthy hour and going about their day.

The Importance of Activity for Seniors

This worry on your part isn’t foolish; after all, we want what’s best for our loved ones and want them to stay active and healthy. Strength and stamina decline significantly in older age, in part due to reduced participation in physical activity. Overall inactivity goes up as we age, too, and by the time most of us reach our mid-70s, one in three of us is completely inactive. What’s more, physical therapy professionals are the second most requested caregivers in the senior community, demonstrating how much of a priority movement is to senior health.

Receiving social support through family is just one of the ways in which seniors can stay active. This type of positive reinforcement has consistently correlated with increased activity in seniors. How to encourage the seniors in your life, however, and offer your support? Thanks to an innovative new approach to senior care, you have a great option— the All Well senior care app.

Senior Activity Monitoring & Peace of Mind with All Well

All of the above being said, how can you make sure mom and dad are doing well and staying active? The All Well app gives you an all-in-one solution. While other solutions in the elder care space center on medical alerts only, All Well allows you to focus on the positive, monitoring your senior family members’ activity throughout the day. Data you’ll find in your All Well app include:

All Well is a great solution for your family, and it comes at an affordable price point. All Well’s free plan gets you the basic data on your senior family members for that day and the day before. An upgrade to Plus for only $0.99 per month delivers a week of monitoring at once, while the Premium plan at just $2.99 per month lets you maintain data for an entire month and includes additional alerts and benefits. All Well also offers a consolidated dashboard for accessing your data and allows you to export Reports via PDF that you can share with your loved one’s doctor.

All in, All Well is the ultimate senior care and activity monitoring solution. If you have been looking for a way to make sure mom and dad are well, you’ve got just that peace of mind with All Well.