Senior Smart Watch (4G)


Senior Watch from AllWell is the latest and modern watch product made for seniors. This 4G watch also has SOS emergency PERS button, Fall Detection, GPS Location and audio & video features, in addition to other health and wellness data measurement abilities as listed here. It is easy, a simple, elegant wearable watch made for seniors). Senior Watch provides both Health & Wellness info 24/7: Health data: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse Ox, and Respiratory rate Wellness data: Wake up time, Number of Steps, Distance moved, Calories burnt, Sleep time This information is provided to professional caregivers and family members 24/7/365 anytime anywhere. Information is updated frequently every 15-30 mins or so. Above all the Senior Watch is FREE with specific premium data service plans. 4G watch works without a mobile phone. 4G watch comes in 2 forms regular square and thinner versions.